Curriculum Vitae

My latest curriculum vitae / resume.

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About Me


I hail from Doncaster, and currently live in Oxfordshire, UK. I’ve been enjoying video games for a long time … I remember the point when something clicked in my head (it was 1997) and then I knew I wanted to make games for a living. In 1997 I thought that meant becoming a programmer; so I did my A-levels, went to university, and got myself qualified as a software engineer. But then I played KOTOR (my first RPG since my first RPG, Panzer Dragoon Saga—and my first with branching dialogue and plots), and later Mass Effect (whose characters I adored), and everything changed. I knew then what I wanted to be: a games writer.

So I began tailoring my portfolio towards design and narrative. Along the way I created a Neverwinter Nights mod, which helped me land a job as a content developer at Jagex, from where I specialised in writing for games. I received great mentorship at Jagex from seasoned writers like Kelly Vero and Alex de Rakoff. Kelly got me back to school to study creative writing formally with the Open University; Alex gave me my big break as writer and narrative designer on Transformers Universe—I became the gatekeeper of the entire game text, narrative and lore. I thus gained invaluable experience operating as a writer within a dev team, working to strict commercial deadlines to get content out the door.

Since then my experience and skills have continued to grow, and I learn more with each project I undertake. I now offer my writing services to a wide range of clients across the games industry. If you’d like to know more about me, I’m always happy to chat.


‘Man of few words, aren’t you?’

– Alyx Vance, Half-Life 2, 2004