Exogate Initiative (PC, Mac, Linux) – Xeno Bits exogate

A sci-fi management game about building a base and managing a team of specialists, who travel through an “exogate” on humanity’s first missions to planets outside our solar system. I joined the narrative team to improve the English localisation of existing choice-based missions, consolidate the house style, and write new missions in the custom editor, including the scripted opening for the upcoming Steam Early Access launch.

Personal Projects

I’m currently developing a prototype for a game in Unity, combining arcade platforming with a satirical, magical realism setting. I’m also in the editing stages of a young adult space opera novel, with a view to pitching to agencies.


Kandria (PC, Mac, Linux) – Shirakumo Gameslarge capsule

A gorgeous open-world, pixel art action RPG, which explores what it means to be an android living in a post-apocalyptic world. I worked closely with Shinmera, the multi-talented indie creator of the project, to develop the world, and design, write and implement the narrative of non-linear quests and branching dialogue.

Unannounced Game (PC, Mac, Linux) – Brightrock GamesBrightrock Games

World building, narrative design, game design, script writing, localisation pipeline & voice casting/direction for a new comedy management game. Release TBA.

Rough Justice ’84 (PC, Mac, Linux) – Gamma MinusRough Justice '84 logo

I wrote standalone choice-based missions for agents in Rough Justice ’84, an eighties-inspired crime management game. I created small, self-contained narratives which also used the designed gameplay mechanics, and fit within the game’s overarching narrative and tone. Release TBA.

Eternia: Pet Whisperer (PC, Mac, Linux) – Shirakumo Gameseternia

A visual novel I worked on with the Kandria team. Inspired by games like Hatoful Boyfriend, it tells a meaningful story about adopting a group of special animals from the Rainbow Dome shelter. I wrote the game in about two weeks, creating a novella’s worth of content with multiple endings.

War for the OverworldWar for the Overworld (PC, Mac, Linux) – Brightrock Games

Writing, narrative design, localisation production, marketing text, and voice casting/direction for the expansions: Heart of Gold, Crucible, My Pet Dungeon, The Under Games. I also provided ongoing writing support for this title, both in-game and in surrounding media, including: campaign remaster, minion voices, launch, new region launches. I was also fortunate enough to work with veteran actors like Richard Ridings and Lani Minella.

Herald: Books III & IV (PC, Mac, Linux, Switch, PS, Xbox) – WispfireHerald

Editing and proofreading the English text for the final instalments of this interactive period drama, to help prepare the scripts for voice recording. The entire game is now also being released on Switch, PlayStation and Xbox, published by 2Awesome Studio.

TSIOQUE (PC, Mac, Linux) – OhNoo StudioTSIOQUE

Editing and proofreading for the three key poems in this fairy tale point & click with a twist, working closely with director Alek Wasilewski to finalise the scripts for voice recording.

Axis AnimationScreenwriting – Axis Animation

I produced outline ideas for the Warhammer 40,000: Dawn of War III announcement trailer (PC).

HeraldHerald: Books I & II (PC, Mac, Linux) – Wispfire

Editing and proofreading the English text for this interactive period drama, to help finalise the scripts for voice recording.

Sorcery! 4: The Crown of Kings (PC, Mac, iOS, Android) – inkleSorcery!

I assisted with testing the final instalment in the critically-acclaimed Sorcery! series, reporting gameplay, graphics, audio, and text-based issues directly to the developers.


Olympus Rising launch trailer (iOS, Android) – flaregames

Outline, treatment and script for the new mobile IP’s launch trailer.

FibreTigrePrime Numbers, Inc. (novelette) – FibreTigre

Localised to English a novelette-length science-fiction story, from its original French-to-English translation.

80 Days (PC, Switch, Mac, iOS, Android) – inkle80 Days

I tested and proofread the award-winning game’s existing content and significant September 2015 updates. The updates saw the game ported to PC and Mac, and the addition of substantial new content across all versions, including the existing iOS/Android releases.

The Cambridge Encounter (Browser) – self-publishedThe Cambridge Encounter

An interactive short story developed and published using the inklewriter platform.

Transformers Universe

Transformers Universe (PC, Mac) – Jagex Games Studio

I was writer and narrative designer on this MOBA/RPG. Previously I was a content developer on the project, working with the design and writing teams. My writing was published commercially during the game’s Open Beta.


New project pitches – Jagex Games Studio

Writing for different genres, I produced original world-building story and characters to support new game pitches.

RPG Kitchen (Browser)

Copywriting for this play-by-post RPG website.

Oculus Rift VFX PhD Proposal

I edited a PhD proposal for a game industry colleague, ensuring it was correctly localised into British English and that it followed academic conventions.


Stellar Dawn (Browser) – Jagex Games Studio

Unannounced game (Browser) – Jagex Games Studio


‘If you’d told me this morning that a toothbrush was going to save the Normandy, I’d have been very skeptical.’

– Commander Shepard, Mass Effect 3: Citadel, 2013