The videogame writing services I can offer. Get in touch and I’d love to discuss your specific requirements.

I can work with Google Docs, Microsoft Office and Confluence. I can also quickly adapt to your pipeline and game engine.

Narrative Design and Writing

  • Plotting narrative, creating characters, defining setting – working within existing IPs or inventing new ones
  • Finding appropriate and engaging ways to deliver narrative to support gameplay – there are lots of techniques out there, and some not yet invented
  • Onboarding content, tutorials, and game guides
  • Marketing copy for online and print media
  • Text for user interfaces and tooltips
  • Preparing content for localisation, and working with localisers

Speech and Screenwriting

  • Scripts for in-game speech (dialogue, barks, logs)
  • Outlines and scripts for cutscenes and trailers
  • Voice casting and direction

Editing and Proofing

  • Editing to improve characterisation, plot, pacing, setting, and style
  • Proofing to fix grammar, punctuation, and spelling issues
  • Localising text into native English


‘She’d need a cape. There was no getting around that. You couldn’t be a superhero without a cape. Claire didn’t want confusion.’

– Claire, Thomas Was Alone, 2012