These are the video game writing services I offer. Get in touch and I’d love to discuss your specific requirements.

I can work with Google Docs, Microsoft Office and Confluence. I can also quickly adapt to your game engine and pipeline.


  • Defining tone, target audience and narrative genre.
  • Inventing setting and lore as required by the narrative, or innovating within an existing IP.
  • Creating varied and flawed characters, and going beyond the bio to realise them in dialogue.
  • Plotting narrative in consideration of gameplay.
  • Piecing together narrative from disparate parts, even tooltips, to gradually reveal the story.
  • Writing and rewriting, working with other writers, sharing with the team, and editing to polish.
  • Writing scripts for cutscenes and trailers, and copy for websites, press releases and marketing.
  • Text for UI, item descriptions and tutorials.
  • Maintaining a high standard of written communication in design and narrative documentation.
  • A strong grounding in history and the humanities, and a willingness to research new areas.
  • Able to study different genres and styles, and adapt my writing to suit.

Narrative Design

  • Planning and budgeting content to meet gameplay and narrative requirements.
  • Overseeing the text pipeline, from spreadsheets and wikis, to game engines and version control.
  • Systems design experience within a design team, taking ownership through to implementation.
  • Producing diagrams and mock-ups to help communicate designs, with skills in Visio and yEd.
  • Voice casting and direction, with experience directing actors remotely and in the studio.
  • Preparing content for localisation, and working closely with translators to answer questions.
  • Experience authoring content for dialogue trees and interactive fiction.
  • Detailed knowledge of Google Docs, MS Office, Confluence, Jira. A quick study of new pipelines.
  • Skills in visual programming, and narrative scripting languages like Ink and Twine.

Editing and Proofing

  • Editing existing text content for characterisation, plot, pacing, setting, and style, with experience localising to English.
  • Proofing to fix grammar, punctuation and spelling issues.


‘She’d need a cape. There was no getting around that. You couldn’t be a superhero without a cape. Claire didn’t want confusion.’

– Claire, Thomas Was Alone, 2012