‘Tim joined us in the latter stages of War for the Overworld‘s development and took up the colossal task of managing and adding content to a narrative of immense size and scope. He did this with extreme efficiency and professionalism and the resulting DLC content is some of the best WftO has to offer.

‘In his time with us Tim has not only performed his direct duties as writer but has also taken on work outside of his skillset to help the team – Everything from directing VO actors, to delivering designs for a new IP we’re working on.

‘Tim works well under pressure and is able to navigate the often stormy waters of a creative team that isn’t always aligned on what path is best. You can count on Tim to take on board all considerations and do so with a surprising level of calm and professionalism.’

Scott Richmond, Director & Producer, Brightrock Games (makers of War for the Overworld)

‘Throughout his years with us Tim has always been a reliable, solid team member. He’s punctual, communicative, respectful, and honest, and is by far the most proficient remote worker I’ve ever interacted with – he’s been a very positive influence for the team as we transitioned to working fully remotely over the past year.

‘Tim is also incredibly efficient with his work – often causing us to struggle to keep up enough tasks for him to complete – and can adapt himself to completing tasks outside his normal purview in order to ensure that no time is wasted.

‘Lastly, Tim has been invaluable in ensuring the (very large) text base of the project is clean and accessible for everyone (and everything) that needs to use it. The rest of the team is able to confidently leave the management of the text and text systems to Tim.’

Josh Bishop, Managing Director, Brightrock Games (makers of War for the Overworld)

‘Thank you again for the tireless help on 80 Days … You’ve been an excellent tester/proofer for us’

Jon Ingold, Narrative Director, inkle Studios (game narrative veteran, and co-founder of the award-winning inkle Studios, responsible for games such as 80 Days and the Sorcery! series)

‘Thank you so much for your work, it’s great and it’s helping us make the game even better. I am going to use this style-guide in the future, it’s really handy. Great work, I really like how thorough you are with this!’

Roy van der Schilden, Lead Writer and Narrative Designer, Founder, Wispfire (makers of the critically-acclaimed Herald)

‘I am impressed by your work … Thank you for what you did and I hope to work with you again later.’

FibreTigre, Game Designer and Writer (credits include Mi-Clos Studio’s Out There and Sigma Theory)

‘I would like to thank you personally for the wonderful collaboration, I really enjoyed working with you and am looking forward to collaborating on future projects as well.’

Raluca Percec, Asset Production Manager, flaregames GmbH (successful mobile games developer and publisher based in Germany)

‘Since the very first day I promoted Tim into the Transformers Universe writing and narrative design team I found him to be dedicated, talented, amicable and hard working in equal measure. He started writing copy and bios and very quickly worked his way into VO and narrative. Displaying a pitch perfect grasp of the style and tone that was required for our take on this global franchise, Tim was invaluable to me at every level.

‘In addition to this I relied heavily on Tim to keep us honest with the IP – Transformers has a very deep lore and I trusted him to liaise with Hasbro to make sure we were doing the right things with their property.

‘He also worked closely with the design team as new Transformers characters were coming off the press weekly – he was integral in naming them, writing their bios for the website, and checking in with video to ensure the highlight spots were aligned.

‘In short, Tim is a unique guy with a unique talent and I’d hire him again in second.’

Alex de Rakoff, Writer and Creative Director, Transformers Universe (game and movie credits also include: GTA2, The Calcium Kid, Dead Man Running, Need for Speed: The Run)

‘I highly recommend Tim White as a candidate for employment. I worked with Tim between November 2012 and December 2014, and also managed directly his day to day duties for most of 2014. I always found Tim to be a highly-motivated and conscientious member of the team who took great pride in his work and was always willing to commit extra effort, often of his own volition, to ensure that any tasks he was responsible for were delivered to the best of his ability.

‘During his time working on Transformers Universe, Tim wrote many of the voice over scripts for the game, working in collaboration with our Creative Director, Alex de Rakoff; he would often be involved in assisting with the recording sessions, which included talents from Transformers film series such as Peter Cullen and Frank Welker.

‘Tim also wrote a huge volume of in-game text and associated materials for the game’s website, working in collaboration with numerous other disciplines to generate character names and backstory, strap lines, ability names, tooltips, naming conventions and game guides.

‘Tim also took on the mantle of our resident “loremaster”; this was a significant challenge given the varied and often inconsistent nature of the Transformers brand, but Tim’s efforts often drew compliments from Hasbro for the sensitive and respectful approach taken to their intellectual property.

‘I believe Tim would make a great asset for any organization. He has proven himself capable of working independently or within cross-discipline teams; his commitment, professionalism and work ethic are peerless. I hope I get the chance to work with him again the future.’

Rob Matthews, Senior Producer, Transformers Universe (game writing and production veteran whose credits include Eurocom’s James Bond series, Dead Space: Extraction, and many other games since the mid-1990s)

‘Of all the games I’ve done – and I’m not going to degrade any of the games I’ve done because I think they’re fantastic – but this is the first game where Optimus Prime is not an onscreen [avatar]. He is transporting the elements of his character in the best way that I’ve ever seen it before: lines and lines and lines of encouragement, character development – lines that will instil a sense of love, if you will, and a trust; and Prime has the opportunity to express these lines … so well written.’

Peter Cullen, voice of Optimus Prime in Transformers Universe and many other Transformers productions (speaking in Transformers Universe: Under the Hood)

Critical Acclaim

War for the Overworld

‘Brightrock Games haven’t stopped supporting the game … In fact, they rolled up their sleeves, listened to feedback, and polished those old dungeons to a shine.’

‘[The Under Games is] a tournament between underlords? I like the concept! We already have 2 story driven campaigns with the main campaign and Heart of Gold, so it’s a good thing that this time it is centered on underlords. I also like the fact that we can choose between four different underlords, each having its own strengths and weaknesses … In the end I highly recommend this DLC to anyone, the campaign is nice and it’s not just a succession of skirmish maps.’

‘I just finished The Under Games using Volta. It was pretty epic …’

‘Lamash is still my favorite underlord. She really needs her own campaign and a custom dungeon skin. I am thinking.. creepy smokey green. Like graveyard green aura.’

‘Purely fantastic. [The Under Games is a] lovely addition to the game. I have just finished my first playthrough and well, I’ll say it again, fantastic. I can’t wait to get started on doing with the next three Underlords.’

‘I much prefer this new ending. It much better establishes what Kira was up to this whole time.’

Various player comments and reviews about aspects of War for the Overworld and its expansions that I worked on

Transformers Universe

Transformers Universe isn’t a quick and dirty tie-in. It’s a considered blend of the brand’


Transformers Universe is rolling out with ambitions that suit the scale of its robots, to transform your expectations of what a browser-based MMO can be.’

PC Gamer

‘The [Transformers Universe character] that had a Mystery Machine-style camper van as its alt-mode was an immediate favourite.’

Rock, Paper, Shotgun

‘I’m still getting my feet wet, but I am [at least enjoying] the robot design’



‘Don’t be so honest. It … hurts …’

– Emma Emmerich Danziger, Metal Gear Solid 2: Sons of Liberty, 2001